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So, you want to know the jedi-trick? The bullet-proof secret? The thing that will work 100% of the time?

Here it is…

Be an attractive, famous billionaire.

OK, so that title is a total lie. This post is actually about your FEELINGS.  But I knew if I put that as the title, you’d never read this… And it’s a VERY interesting post.  So here’s the newsflash:

You have feelings…  (And you feel them deeper than a woman does.)

“But I’m a man” you say…  “And men like me don’t have feelings.” You say…  “We are made of rocks and steel and some left-over fishing line and maybe one of those unbreakable combs…  We can’t be hurt.”


Well… no.  Not really.

It actually turns out that’s a bunch of b.s. that movies and society try to push on us guys… showing men walking away from exploding buildings without looking back… charging into bloody battle without hesitating, and generally behaving in a very non-human “Terminator” sort of way.

The truth about what it is to be a man on the inside is quite different.

Here’s something your grand-daddy probably didn’t tell you: A large percentage of men in World War I and II pissed themselves and literally crapped their pants when they first saw battle. And most soldiers in trench warfare never used their bayonettes… they would literally hit enemies with the butt of their rifle rather than shishkabob another human being.  Most of us just aren’t wired for it. (this all changed with modern training techniques that we only recently figured out post Viet Nam).

Here’s something you won’t see on miami vice: many police and federal agents involved in shootings need extensive counseling after shooting and killing a ‘bad guy’, even when it was clearly and morally the only thing to do.  They go home and cry.  They can’t sleep at night.

Many martial artists and ‘tough guys’ shake for hours after a fight or even a near fight…

Being human is different than we were raised to believe… Don’t believe the movies and don’t hold yourself to a bullshit standard that doesn’t take into account that you are not manufactured by the InGen corporation.

Now go blow something up and walk away without looking back.  There.  Doesn’t that feel better?

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